Will we stick to the tram?

Omnibus, bella se vuoi venire


Where does the Milanese expression stick to the tram, in dialect “taches al tram”? comes from.

This very popular expression, which means “it’s your problem”, comes from the shape of the first trams that had handles and external protrusions particularly in the queue where latecomers would cling to take the tram in motion and where those who did not want to pay the ticket, made constant good use of them..

Today the expression is used to indicate that you do not want to give any help to anyone.

The Milanese popular song that recalls this invention, entitled “Omnibus, bella se vuoi venire” it was written in 1972, and describes people’s initial fear of this new technology.

So what was the Omnibus?

It was a carriage drawn by a pair of horses intended for public service.

The first public transport car in Milan was supplied by the Società Anonima degli Omnibus, was pulled by a pair of horses and entered service at 7.30 am on January 1, 1862. It was a green chest lit only by an oil lamp.

It had 8 seats and the ticket cost 10 cents. 

The first electric tram, on the other hand, had power on November 21, 1892 with an agreement between the municipality of Milan and the Edison company that started 15 lines all with terminus in Piazza Duomo.

A bit of history

Although the name sounds Latin and makes one think of Italy, the first omnibus was born in Paris in 1662 consisting of an 8-seater carriage facing the direction of travel. It was not successful and it was not until 1826 when, again in Paris, the omnibus performed a regular service.

In Italy the first omnibus was in Piedmont where, in 1835, they inaugurated the line that connected Turin to Rivoli. In Rome, in 1845 the line between Piazza Venezia and the Basilica of San Paolo came into service.

Later it also developed in the rest of Europe with a carriage whose model was called “brougham” or more simply “broom”. 

Here is also revealed another curiosity, the origin of the name Brumista which in Milanese means “carriage driver”.

Video: Omnibus, bella se vuoi venire.

Testo canzone Omnibus

Ohi bella se vuoi venire su l’omnibus, su l’omnibus

ohi bella se vuoi venire su l’omnibus con me

Mi no, mi vegni no, mi gh’hoo paura, mi gh’hoo paura

mi no, mi vegni no, mi gh’hoo paura de burlà giò!

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Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

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