The most famous toast in the world

Libiamo nei lieti calici

The “Libiamo nei Lieti Calici” is the most beautiful waltz toast in the history of world music. 

This choral and duet aria is performed in the first act of the most famous Italian opera in the world, “La Traviata”, which had its Prima at La Fenice theater, in Venice on March 6, 1853.

It is one of the most beautiful moments of this masterpiece of music. 

La Traviata is certainly one of the best known Opera and it is the most represented of all the Operas. 

It is certain that since 1854 this Opera has been performed at least once a day all over the world. There is no capital town in the world where it has not been sung.

This Opera is taken from Alexandre Dumas’ novel “the lady of the camellias” and, together with Rigoletto and Trovatore, is part of Verdi’s popular trilogy.

In the key of Bb the piece does not present particular difficulties except in the final acute.

This aria is also sung on many occasions outside the opera, both in recitals and on the occasion of major events.

When you listen to this splendid aria, we would like to invite all of you to dedicate this splendid toast to what your heart suggests most: it will always be a great joy.

Video: Libiamo nei lieti calici

Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

Marcus Dardi

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