About Us

Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto!

About Us

The Ciao St Louis is a nonprofit organization that strives to advance St. Louis Italian cultural identity.  Our online news magazine and Radio Program services the Italian Community.  With radio and online broadcasting, we will be able to reach interested listeners throughout the United States.  Our audience profile is someone who identifies themselves as an Italian American, a descendant of Italian immigrants or an admirer interested in learning more about and participating in Italian Culture.

We are dedicated to preserving the historical narrative of St Louis’s Italian Neighborhood (The Hill) through images, documents, oral histories, exhibits, and events in partnership with other organizations.

Ciao St Louis promotes Italian culture through education and scholarly research and by embracing innovative approaches to cultural advancement.

As a learning organization, with a culture of inquiry as its foundation and an emphasis on community development and increased social awareness, Ciao St Louis has the following objectives:


  • Promote the study of Italian language, arts, and culture.
  • Cultivate partnerships with academia.
  • Support scholarly research in Italian studies.
  • Foster Italian community emerging leadership.
  • Provide scholarships and grants across scholarly disciplines.
  • Preserve Italian heritage and identity and relate the Italian immigrant experience.
  • Encourage collaboration with cultural partners.

News. Music. Events.

Italians and Italian-Americans make up a substantial part of the Saint Louis metropolitan region. For over a century, immigrants from the Italian peninsula have made their way to Saint Louis making a profound impact on our civic life and cultural identity.  They brought with them their unique traditions and values which still continue to exercise a significant influence over their lives. Without full recognition of the role played by Italian immigrants, the history of Saint Louis would undoubtedly be incomplete. Today the Italian community is extremely diverse. Some families have resided here for four or even five generations. Others have just arrived. They have come for employment, to study at one of our many universities, or simply because they married a Saint Louisan.
Viva l’Italia! Viva Saint Louis!

Please consider supporting this effort to preserve and promote our Italian Culture.

Our Board Members

Rio Vitale, President
[email protected]

Michael Santangelo, Director

[email protected]