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Bardolino is a DOC wine whose production is allowed in the province of Verona and specifically in a very delimited area around the town of Bardolino located in the south-eastern area of Lake Garda.

Nasce il Cammino del Bardolino: 100 km tra i vigneti - Gambero Rosso

It is ruby red, with a delicate aroma, a dry, slightly bitter and slightly sparkling taste.

It has an alcohol content of around 10%. 

It is advisable to serve it at a temperature of 16 ° – 18 °. Recommended for aged cheeses and savory cheeses.

The vines with which it is allowed to produce it are: Corvina from 35 to 65%, Rondinella from 10 to 40% and for the remaining 20% with wines from more varieties but never more than 10% for each vine such as: Molinara, Rossignola, Barbera, Sangiovese, Marzemino, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Video: bevè, bevè compare

Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

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