Bollito Misto

I don’t know if the great chefs recommend this combination, but for sure both the mixed boiled meat and the Bardolino are two delicacies of our Northern culinary art.

Bollito Misto

Mixed Boiled meat is a dish created by combining different cuts of boiled meat and belongs to the tradition of the people of the Po Valley since the Middle Ages.

The boiled meat is a simple dish and it was much appreciated by the poor, who prepared it with leftover meat.

In the meals of the wealthiest, however, the meats that usually compose it, are freely chosen:

Scaramella, Tail, Tongue, Rump of Beef, Head of Veal, Tip of Veal.

You can also use or add capon, hen, cotechino or zampone meat.

It is generally accompanied by mixed boiled vegetables, but it is also often served with mashed potatoes, mustard, sauces, pepper and herbs. Boiled meat is never a sin if it is also combined with any type of polenta.


In the Piedmontese tradition there is a version of the boiled meat called “Historic Piedmontese Risorgimento Boiled Meat” which requires seven different cuts of meat.

This recipe became famous as it was a very served dish in the House of Savoy as it was one of the favorite dishes of King Vittorio Emanuele II.

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