Italian Patriotic songs – a heritage not to be missed

Addio mia bella addio

This Risorgimento song, by an unknown music author and verses by Florentine Carlo Alberto Bosi, became very popular during 1848.

It was probably the most sung song during the Risorgimento wars between 1848 and 1870.

The song is also known as “Addio del volontario toscano” or “La partenza del soldato”.

Legend says that it was sung for the first time by “volunteer” soldiers, who fought in Mantua, in the Curtatone area, during the First War of Independence.

The wars of the Italian independence, all against the Austro-Hungarian Empire, were:

First War: from 1848 to 1849

II War: in 1859

III War: in 1866

IV War: from 1915 to 1918, it is the Italian presence in the First World War.

I learned this song in elementary school when I did the singing lesson, once a week, with several classes grouped in the main hall.

It is there that we children learned the traditional songs of the past. 

The music teacher focused a lot on these “historical” songs. At that time, the importance of these songs was not understood but they have left a great value inside us forever.

Today that in my turn I try to transmit them, I have to thank my teacher and the singing teacher of that time, it was 1970.

Video:  Addio mia bella addio

Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

Marcus Dardi


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