The most famous liturgical Ave Maria

Ave Maria di Gounod

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Gounod’s Ave Maria or rather, Bach Gounod’s Ave Maria, contends with Schubert’s for the primacy of executions.

For the vast majority of people, Schubert’s Ave Maria is undoubtedly the most popular since it is the best known.

There are many “Ave Maria” written and interpreted: Among the most famous we mention those of: Giuseppe Verdi, Jacques Offenbach, Giulio Caccini, Jacques Arcadelt

The liturgical use of the Ave Maria dates back to the fourth century, but with different texts.

In 1568 the Ave Maria, with its current Latin text, was introduced as an antiphon by Pope Pius V.

Bach-Gounod’s Ave Maria is undoubtedly one of the most famous Ave Maria performed in Latin language.

In 1859 Charles Gounod superimposed it on Bach’s prelude No. 1 in C major, written 137 years earlier.

Unlike Schubert’s, this Ave Maria is considered a liturgical chant and can be sung within religious services.

Schubert’s, on the other hand, is not considered liturgical but can be sung in the Churches outside the liturgies.

This splendid Ave Maria is often sung in lyric recitals and during important ceremonies.

The voices that are most suitable for interpreting it are those of a lyrical setting.

Video – Ave Maria Gounod

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