Who is Adolfo Affatato?  Adolfo Affatato, now 82, met Padre Pio at age 16,  Since that day in 1953, Adolfo has been devoted to Padre Pio.  Now he brings his story, devotion and the wisdom of Padre Pio to Americans for the first time.  Hear how his 15 year personal relationship with Padre Pio changed his life.

As one of only 2 spiritual children still alive today that knew Padre Pio personally, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear and meet a personal, close friend of one of the greatest saints and mystics in the history of the church.  Padre Pio changed Adolfo’s life at that first meeting in 1953.  Hear that story and more at his program. 

Not only did Adolfo know Padre Pio on a personal level, he also met privately with another great saint, John Paul II.  Because of John Paul’s devotion to Padre Pio, John Paul would ask Adolfo to meet him personally one-on-one to tell John Paul more about Padre Pio.

Adolfo’s stories of Padre Pio could change your life.  Adolfo Affatato is presenting in only 3 US cities:  Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Atlanta.  Complete schedule of Adolfo’s visits are listed below. 

Adolfo and his wife, Franca, have been married for 52 years and have two children.  They live in Foggia, Italy.  Adolfo has made hundreds of presentations about his life with Padre Pio over the past 50 years.  He receives no stipends or compensation of any type for any of his talks. 

He covers all of his own expenses, including travel and hotels for his USA travels.  He says if he accepts any money for his talks about Padre Pio that it would void his testimony.  Any profits from his book Padre Pio and I goes to charities he has selected in Italy. 

His book is full of personal stories about Padre Pio you will hear nowhere else.  At his presentation, he will discuss his first encounter with Padre Pio, his wedding performed by Padre Pio, and the Guardian Angel story that will be one to remember.   Make plans now to attend one of these events to hear and meet one of the last remaining men alive today that had such a close personal relationship with Padre Pio for 15 years before the saint died in 1968.  

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