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Sea, the scent of the sea.

One of the best known dishes of the Italian kitchen, is the mixed fried fish and its more appropriate name is “frittura di paranza”.

It is a fried small fish and is a popular dish throughout Italy.

The paranza is a typical fishing boat used for trawling. Frying is done by passing the fish in flour and immersing them in boiling oil. It should be eaten very hot and accompanied by lemon wedges.

History tells us that the first fried fish originated in Ancient Greece in the 5th century BC.

The Milanese mixed fry instead is a fry based on fried veal offal. The offal used are: brain, loin, liver and sweetbreads. It goes well with aubergines, courgettes and mushrooms. As the Milanese tradition dictates, butter is used to fry.

The Piedmontese tradition, on the other hand, used to fry the leftovers and offal from the slaughter of lambs, pigs and calves in order not to waste anything. These leftovers were first breaded and then fried in oil.

The Piedmontese name of this dish is: Fricassà mëscià.

Video – stessa spiaggia, stesso mare

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