Asparagi alla milanese

They call them Bismark’s style but they are very Milanese!

Asparagi alla milanese

Along with the saffron risotto, the ossibuchi, the cutlet and the casseoula, another typical dish of the Milanese cuisine are the “Milanese Asparagus”Immagine correlata

They are called by multiple names.

The original term is “‘sparg cont l’oeuf in cereghin’” which brings together two typical terms and two dishes of the Milanese tradition. 

The eggs are so called because they remind the cleric (ceregin in Milanese dialect)  of the friars.

Another term is Asparagus alla Bismark to remind the period in which the Austrians ruled in Milan.

In order not to confuse anyone, a pinch of pepper, abundant butter and Granapadano cheese make this dish very Milanese.

Lombardy, in its green and immense countryside, is a territory where the growth of asparagus, during the spring from April to May, occurs spontaneously.

Curiosity: who was Bismark to whom a cutlet, a pizza and an asparagus dish was dedicated?

Otto von Bismark was a great German diplomat and statesman during the period of the famous Triple Alliance which saw Germany, Austria and Italy alled.

In 1871 Otto von Bismark was appointed first Chancellor of the German Empire.

Bismark was also a great gourmet. He was convinced that in order to be in good shape and in order to work well one had to “eat well and match everything with an excellent wine”.

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