A wine as old as the Lombards (650 D.C.)

La Bonarda

Bonarda is a red grape variety with large, pyramidal bunches. Risultati immagini per croatina uva

It is produced in the Oltrepò Pavese and Monferrato from the autochthonous grapevine named, “Croatina”.

The grapevine or grape variety is the name of the type of vine and grape produced.

The Bonarda DOC is ruby in color, has a yield of 10 tons per hectare, 11 degrees of alcohol content, intense aroma, dry and sweet taste.

The most common version is the sparkling one which goes well with meat, salami, boiled meats, cotechino, zampone and cassoeula.

The origin of the name BONARDA, says the legend, dates back to the times of the Lombards who had their capital in Pavia for a short period.

The name is a combination of the name of the Lombard King “Bono” and the word hard which in Lombard meant brave and strong.

The Lombards is an ancient population that from the today’s Germany territory of Hamburg, Hannover, came to Italy in 568 and reigned there until 774, when they were defeated by Charlemagne

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