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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the Juventus global family! As we continue to expand the Juventus brand into the Midwest, we are excited to know you are interested in learning more about our academy. 

As we are in Phase 1 of the MO Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan (effective 5/16/2020), we are establishing REQUIRED protocols and processes to ensure our return to training and kickarounds is handled with the utmost safety of all players and staff.  We are excited to be returning to the pitch, but believe it is imperative that we do so cautiously and methodically in line with a specific plan for maximized safety.

These protocols will remain in place throughout Phase 1 … which currently has been extended through at least 6/15/2020.  They will be updated as guidance from local govenment at MYSA is revised.  Please review the details below carefully.  Failure to abide by the protocols could result in not being able to attend training.

PLAYERS should wear cleats and bring their own ball to each training session, and come to check in fully ready for training.  In addition, players will need to bring plenty of water.  Concessions will not be open and current COVID19 protocols do not permit water jugs available for refills.

TRAINING / KICKAROUNDS:  Monday, 6/1/2020 & Tuesday, 6/2/2020:

  • St Charles Soccer Complex (Mueller):  3801 Mueller Rd  St Charles, MO  63301
  • Training: 5:30 – 6:30PM; Check in: 5:00PM at the field for your age group
    • Field # 2:Birth years 2012 – 2014
    • Field # 10:Birth years:  2006 – 2009
  • Training: 7:00 – 8:00PM; Check in: 6:30PM at the field of your age group
    • Field # 2:Birth years 2010 – 2011
    • Field # 10:Birth years:  2005 – 2002

     – Each registration will only be good for the next scheduled training session only.

Training/Kickaround locations will be updated weekly as additional outdoor fields continue to open.

WEEK OF 6/6/2020:  TBD

    – dates / location will be confirmed soon

 PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY TRAINING SESSION via this form within no more than 48 hours prior to the start of training.  

 – AT MUELLER (6/1 & 6/2):  We will utilize 2 outdoor fields for training and have a MAX of 100 players on field #10 and 45 players on field #2 per session in order to ensure social distancing mandates can be followed at all times during training.  Once we reach our maximum number of players each session, registration will be closed for that day and no additional players will be able to train.  DO NOT register for training unless you are sure you will be able to attend (because we have a fixed # of openings each session).

– Players should not register for training if they are displaying any symptoms associated with COVID19, including, but not limited to a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, a consistent cough, or any indications of not being well and healthy.  In addition, if they have traveled out of town within the past 2 weeks where social distancing guidelines were not followed they will need to wait two weeks from their return before joining training in line with the travel advisory imposed by St Louis County.


– Check in will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each session. AT MUELLER, there will be check in stations at each field.  Players should check in at the field designated for their birth year.  ALL players will have their temperature checked before they are allowed to train.  If players are waiting in line, they will need to remain socially distanced from the player in front of them.  If the player did not pre-register, and the fields are already filled with pre-registered players, the player will not be able to attend training.

– ALL players are required to bring a completed COVID19 waiver to the first Juventus training session they attend at each training location.  We will keep these waivers on file so you will not need to bring them to each session (although you are required to pre-register for each session).  Please note, these waivers are LOCATION SPECIFIC, so a new waiver will be required as we move to a different complex.  We will have paper copies at check in if you are not able to print a waiver at your home/work.

– Once they are checked in, players will be directed to their assigned training zone on their turf field.  First session players can head directly to their assigned field.  They will be directed to the next open player zone, and will keep their bag/water bottle in their zone.  Once the session is over, they will exit to their right.  Second session players will need to wait until the field is cleared of players AND sanitized before they can enter the field for their session.  They must remain socially distanced if it is needed for them to wait to enter the field.


– ALL staff coaches will wear face masks; Coaches/volunteers are encouraged to also wear face masks; Players are not required to wear masks, but are encouraged to do whatever makes them feel most comfortable.

– Player training zones will be setup and clearly identified to allow players to maintain socially distancing throughout all training.  Any player not adhering to social distancing protocols outlined during training will be removed from training.

– ALL training will be club training and will be led by Staff coaches.  Team coaches will assist with training and will be positioned socially distanced in the lanes between players.  Volunteers will be positioned outside of the fields to assist with any player needs during training.

– Parents are allowed to remain at the field during training but will need to remain socially distanced from other parents. They will need to bring their own chairs for seating. 

– The following training elements are not allowed given the current restrictions under Phase 1:  scrimmaging, small-sided games, rondos, possession games, shooting on a GK, heading the ball, or handling the ball between players.  Any equipment that is provided by JASTL will be sanitized prior to training, and in between sessions if used during the first session.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to safely navigate these new guidelines that aim to get the kids back on the pitch, while keeping everyone safe.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Juventus Academy – Saint Louis

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