Tripe Milanese

Trippa o Busecca – it is the same!

Trippa alla Milanese

Ingredients: tripe, beans, tomato puree, carrots and celery.Risultati immagini per busecca

At its origins, the “Milanese Tripe” was a dish that accompanied the life of the Lombard peasants on the most important occasions. 

It was mainly eaten on Christmas night, when the farmers gathered in the stables after midnight mass, but it was also prepared for fairs and livestock markets..

It was and is a simple and cheap dish. It was served in the old taverns of Milan and its surroundings and in the popular dialectal language still today it is called “La  busecca”.

Precisely because of this recurring food, the inhabitants of Milan were often called “busecconi”, that is, tripe eaters.

Tripe is a term that derives from the ancient Celtic “tarp” which means pile, heap: in fact, tripe is a collection of offal obtained from different parts of the bovine stomach and not from the intestine.

The famous saying “there is no tripe for cats” derives from an order of the mayor of Rome Ernesto Nathan who in about 1910 decided to suspend, for the now sickening spending cuts, the purchase of tripe that was intended for cats that were very useful in the help to clear the Capitol from mice.

Video – camerè porta un mess liter – 

Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

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