The mystery and charm of a Venetian blonde

Who was that Venetian blonde who inspired this song and who knows in what period, the beauty of her hair fascinated the authors of this song?

Everything remains shrouded in mystery.

Here is another popular song in which you get lost when you go to find its origin and dating. The assumptions prevail over the unobtainable historical facts.

Come porti i capelli bella bionda, (how you wear your hair beautiful blonde), it is a song of Venetian origins but it is also well known in Piedmont and Lombardy. 

The Venetian version, in the refrain, speaks of a love contrasted by the two families and speaks of the tenacity of the two promised spouses to crown their love dream. In fact it says so: “ e i miei non vol e i suoi non è contenti, ci sposeremo imparimenti”. (my family do not want and her family is not happy, but we will marry in any case).

It probably comes from ancient tavern traditions or from the festivals of the commedia dell’arte.

So dating it becomes very difficult, it could go back to the 1400s, or 1500s, or 1600s. And who knows? It is not possible to give a precise dating.

It is also found in some collections of mountain songs for choral performances with male and female voices.

However, it is still sung today and was dusted off by Cochi and Renato in 1973 in the broadcast “The poet and the farmer”.

We therefore leave the mystery of the origin and history of this little blonde and this song that we carry in our hearts in suspense. We just have to listen to it.

Video – Come porti i capelli bella bionda –

Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

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