Spaghetti al pomodoro

Viva la pappa col pomodoro

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This is the most characteristic, most identifying, best-known and most copied Italian dish in the world.

Italian spaghetti must be produced exclusively with durum wheat flour.

If someone says that “Spaghetti” were invented in China does not take into account some details.

Chinese noodles, which were already cooked 2000 years ago, are made with soft wheat flour, with rice flour and have a smaller size, much more similar to our vermicelli.

Dried pasta has ancient Persian-Arab origins and was originally called “itriyya” (which means dragged). The Arabs brought it to Sicily and Sicily immediately became the barn of Europe. From that moment, noodles began to be produced with “Italian” style and taste.

Italian pasta is therefore a durum wheat dried pasta. This technique is traced back to Sicily around the year 1000 in a village, Trabia, 30 km from Palermo where a long round section pasta, named spaghetti was dried.

The spread of maritime trade exported this technique and this particular form of pasta to the Mediterranean countries and to the Saharan Africa territories.

The first mechanization of pasta production was made, later on, in Naples in the 19th century.

After the discovery of America, with the arrival of the tomato in Europe, the first recipes of spaghetti with tomato and basil were born.

Before then they were seasoned only with cheese, oil and pepper.

The classic recipe for 4 people is very simple:

Sauté in a comfortable pot: 1 clove of garlic in olive oil for 2 min.

Add 800gr of tomato and cook for 1 hour, add 4 basil leaves.

Cook the spaghetti in another pan for 10 min.

Pour the ready spaghetti into the saucepan and then…..

Enjoy your meal / BUON APPETITO!

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