Recommended Reading: Janet Sierzant’s Donna Di Sciacca

Janet Sierzant’s Donna di Sciacca
Congratulations to Janet Sierzant for her new book Donna di Sciacca, a compelling story that chronicles the life of an Italian woman whose story begins in Brooklyn during the 1930s and ’40s. Jeanette grows up in a loving home with her three older sisters. Their mother was born in America, and their father immigrated from Sicily. The girls were as American as they were Italian, but sometimes the two cultures clashed. Jeanette falls in love with her cousin, an acceptable relationship in Sicily, but taboo in America. Upon the death of her mother, Jeanette returns to Brooklyn and fulfills her father’s desire to reconnect with his family back in Sciacca. She falls in love again, but her life is about to take another turn…. Available on Amazon:

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