New Homes on the Hill (Italian Neighborhood in St. Louis MO)

HILL 2000 MEETING 9-12-19 There has been much discussion and several meetings held involving Hill 2000 leadership, Block Captains, and representatives from Draper Kramer and McBride & Sons Homes with regard to the housing development on the east end of the Hill. There were significant change to the original plan presented by Draper Kramer.

Here is a summary of what we know to be true regarding the plans.

-There will be 58 home lots (26’x95’)
-Options for single lot, double lot, & 1.5 lot builds are available (no basements)
-Parking pads along alley’s are standard w/ garage builds optional
-Homes will be built starting this fall.
-There will be a sales trailer on site by September. -There will be 2 & 3 Story single lot homes (no basements)
Floor plans:
2-story 1400 sq ft single lot from $290’s,
2 story double lot 3000 sq ft from $570’s.
-Not sure how many homes (maximum 58) there will be because of the 1.5 & 2 lot options.
-The apartment building will contain 225 units, commencing 2020 with completion late 2021? -24 condo’s will be built along Daggett later (2022)
There will be a Hill 2000 meeting with rep’s from Draper Kramer & McBride on Sept. 12 in St. Ambrose Cafeteria at 7:00 p.m..

All residents with curiosities, questions, or concerns regarding the development are encouraged to attend.

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