Michael Cross Founder of Italian Community of St. Louis

The so called Missouri Corporation “Italian Community of Saint Louis” and Founder Michael Cross has been ordered to stop making defamatory statements about Ciao St Louis and the President of Ciao St Louis, Rio Vitale.

The Corporation “Italian Community of Saint Louis” been changing the History of The Hill (The Real Italian Community of St. Louis) via Wikipedia. While Hill 2000 has changed this page to its orginal content the Corportation “Italian Community of Saint Louis” continues to abuse this page.

Ciao St Louis is releasing a documentary about the Hill (The Italian Community in St Louis) in July of 2020. If you donate $100 or more your name will be added to the film with a special thanks.

Here is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hill,_St._Louis This page can no longer be trusted because this corporation and Michael Cross continue to update this with erroneous information. Here is a link to this organization. https://www.italianisaintlouis.com/ Tell them what you think about changes being made to the History of the Hill.

The following are affidavits filed by Missouri Courts in the defamation case

Download Affidavit Here

Download Injunction Here

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