Italian Film

An Italian Film and a Taste of Gelato


On Thurs., Sept. 19 (6 p.m.), don’t miss the Fest’s Italian Film Night at the library’s Community Room.  Sit back, have a little gelato, and enjoy Francesco Prisco’s “BOB & MARYS,” a light-hearted comedy that was a favorite of filmgoers at the Italian Film Festival USA.  It’s about Robert and Marisa who have been married a long time and lead an uneventful life.  Their life changes dramatically when a band of criminals break into their home and leave boxes of illegal merchandise!  Come see what happens next!  In Italian with English subtitles.  Free admission.  Gelato compliments of Spirito’s, the Italian Store.  Film courtesy of Elsinor Film/Ares Film of Rome.
By Anna Grabe.

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