A silver cup gives its name to a wine


Gutturnio DOC is produced in the province of Piacenza and is made with the grape varieties of Barbera and Croatina. 

It has an alcohol content of 12%. Ruby red color, dry taste and characteristic smell. 

The yield is 10 tons per hectare. 

Gutturnio was born in Roman times from a “recipe” invented by Lucio Calpurnio Pisone, father-in-law of Julius Caesar, whose mother was originally from Piacenza. 

The name Gutturnio derives from gutturnium, a large silver cup of about two liters. 

The “gutturnium” was used at the end of the dinner. Filled with wine, it was passed from hand to hand among the guests to drink it in turn as a symbol of fraternity and friendship. 

The sparkling version goes well with Piacenza cold cuts.

Video – Bevè bevè compare

Un abbraccio/ a big Hug

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