Webster University Presents: Pellegrino Artusi Exhbit

On display October 29th, 2017
Webster University in St Louis

Pellegrino Artusi was a writer, literary critic and gourmet Italian. He was born in Forlimpopoli August 4, 1820, by Teresa Rushes and Augustine. To mark a turning point in his life was the incursion of the Passatore in Forlimpopoli, January 25, 1851. When Florence was the capital (1865) Artusi changed house and retired to private life, devoting himself full time to his cultural interests. Artusi continued living in Tuscany where he died in 1911 at age 91.

With its 790 recipes, collected by the author with passion patient within the long years and countless trips, “Artusi” is the most famous book and read on Italian cuisine, the one from which all the great chefs of the last century have sudden inspirations and suggestions.

It ‘a singular work that enhances the pleasure of eating well. More than a cookbook is a book of taste, full of dissertations and linguistic cues.

The Municipal Library Pellegrino Artusi Forlimpopoli preserves, on paper and / or digital, the 15 editions run directly by the author from 1891 to 1911, the year of death, as well as numerous translations of the book in other languages.

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