Urgent care centers fill critical gap in health care for Hill residents

Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC®) is expanding its South St. Louis presence with a new location on the Hill at the corner of Hampton and Wilson. The location will include eight examination rooms, two trauma rooms, and an x-ray room.  Dr. Matthew Bruckel founded TAUC in 2008. His decade-long service in various ERs as an emergency medicine physician fueled his desire to create a practice that provides the majority of emergency room services, but removes the high-cost, long waits, complexity, and lack of customer service that plague hospital ERs.

I believe this is good news for the Hill and its surrounding neighborhoods.  TAUC has become the highest rated health organization in St. Louis by focusing on each patient’s experience. Eighty-five percent of walk-in patients are registered, evaluated, examined, tested, counseled, treated and discharged in less than one hour. Nicknamed “doc in a box,” urgent care centers have become popular stops for anything from a broken bone, a high fever, or a child with a fever and not time to wait for an appointment.

The Hill known for its small homes, affordable living and walking neighborhood has been missing a major service business, and that would be medical services. There is no longer the family doctor in the neighborhood that makes house calls; as in most neighborhoods you are required to make an appointment , get in your car and drive to a large medical building. While some stores like Walgreens have tried to employ Nurse Practitioners to care for the common cough and cold, the TAUC offers greater services and care for situations that require doctors care.

A rendering of of exterior building.





The floor plan

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