Tony Viviano will be performing at the corner of Macklind and Daggett, Oct 1, 2017

Tony will be  performing in front of Gioia’s Deli on Oct 1, 2017 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm during the Columbus Parade.  Gioia’s Deli will also be open during the parade so come and enjoy the parade, food and fun.

Tony started singing at the tender age of three, inspired by his older brother, Joe. When Tony was 10 years old, Joe bought two albums by Frank Sinatra and learned the lyrics and emulated Sinatra’s phrasing; When Bobby Darin came out with “Mac the Knife” and “Clementine” they learned the lyrics to the songs on those albums. Joe and Tony ran a produce route in those days, and their father did not allow a radio on the truck, so by the time the truck was loaded and on the highway, they were singing the songs from the album, track by track.

After getting encouragement from Milton Berle to go to Las Vegas, Tony met Tony Bennett at Caesar’s Palace in 1971, Mr. Bennett was encouraging, but Tony came back to St. Louis, and got his first real gig at The Topper, in Riverview. From there he went to the Bissell Lounge and then the Midtown Lounge in Alton, Illinois.

Tony performing


Tony and his band have performed at the most elegant and prestigious hotels, country clubs, restaurants, & night clubs in St. Louis, Las Vegas, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and at numerous Italian Fests around the country.


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