The Hill Neighborhood Center

The Neighborhood Center is hoppin’ these days! Remember that Ms. M is available to assist in your genealogy research. Her skills are awesome! While she won’t do your research for you, she certainly can point you in the right direction, give you resources, and help if you get stuck! She is at the Center on Fridays and can be reached by phone through the Center at 314.260.9162. We will be taking down the wedding display, and the photos complimenting Mrs. Eleanor Marfisi’s poems. In their place we will display the Clubs of the Hill. There were approximately 18 Clubs including the ever-popular Crusaders, Wildcats, Fawns, and Pelicans. If you have photos or memorabilia you want to keep we’re asking to borrow them only for the duration of the display. The second display focuses on restaurants of the Hill – old and new. Though we have quite a few photos and memorabilia, we could use some more to round out the businesses. Finally, I am still in need of someone who is a good decorator for a few hours to help create attractive, informative displays. 314.260.9162 Thank you in advance, LynnMarie Alexander

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