Terence Hill – Italian Superstar

 Franck Dominique November 17, 2017

Terence Hill is a legendary Italian actor (born as Mario Girotti), who became famous for playing in Italian western movies (a.k.a spaghetti westerns) together with his friend and partner Bud Spencer.

Hill was born in Italy, in beautiful city of Venice. His dad was Italian and his mother was from Germany, so they lived in Lommatzsch for few years. His talent was recognized very early (when he was only 12) by a famous Italian director and filmmaker Dino Risi, and he soon started acting (his first movie was Holiday for Gangsters). Hill made over 27 films in Italy (that includes collaboration with great Luchino Visconti on a movie titled The Leopard).

terence hill

Soon Terence Hill went to Germany, and played in a TV adaptation of Karl May’s novels and in a series called Heimatfilmen. Until 1967, he was credited as Mario Girotti, and then he changed his name in a more international one – Terence Hill.The very same year, he played in a movie God Forgives, I Don’t, and received excellent reviews.

The story about his new western name is very popular. He was given 20 names, and 24 hours to choose the one he likes best. He decided to become Terence Hill because those initials were the same as his mother’s – her name was Hildegard Thieme.


Terence Hill and Bud Spencer

Next year he started the series of spaghetti westerns, with his friend Bud Spencer, and they became the dynamic duo, famous for excellent sense for comedy and western. They were incredibly famous in Italy, but became real celebrities abroad which resulted with a huge popularity of the whole western genre worldwide. These two starred in 18 movies together.

Their most popular titles during the 70’s were: Boot Hill, They Call Me Trinity and the sequel titled Trinity is Still My Name. In 1973 Terence Hill starred in My Name is Nobody alongside American legend Henry Fonda, and stated in various interviews, that this one was his personal favourite.

Boot Hill - Terrence Hill

Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer in Boot Hill

First American movies Terence Hill ever starred in were Mr. Billion and March or Die (both filmed in 1977). After this successful debut, he lived between Italy and America, and filmed parallel in both countries.

Terence Hill appeared in more than 60 movies, and majority of his roles includes westerns, action movies and comedies. He became a true brand, and a movie legend, often recognized as one half of “the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill duo”, since they have filmed many movies together.

The story about his western movies success is very popular and he often talks about it. He actually looked quite like Franco Nero, spaghetti western legend, so normally; directors wanted Hill to star in similar roles, which meant he was mainly casted for westerns with a comedy twist.

Terence Hill is still very active and he works as an actor, producer and writer. He is very famous and well respected, and also, considered a true living legend from Hollywood’s golden era. His children decided to follow in their father’s footsteps: Ross Hill and Jess Hill his children, are both pursuing their acting careers.

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