Potential Visit from a Representative of the Italian Consul Office To St. Louis In 2019

Next year the Italian Consul in Chicago, Giuseppe Finoccchiaro, has agreed to send a representative from his office to help individuals obtain Italian passports and Italian citizenships.     However, we must demonstrate there are a sufficient number of individuals in St. Louis who are in need of these services.

Obtaining Italian passports and citizenships can be very involved and usually requires a trip to Chicago to finalize the documentation. This is an opportunity to get assistance in St. Louis in completing the documentation and potentially save an expensive trip to Chicago.

We are compiling a list of those in St. Louis who would like to make an appointment to meet with this representative. APPOINTMENTS WILL BE NECESSARY.

In addition, individuals must present their documentation to a member of our committee here in St. Louis for review before appointments are given. This will insure that those who have completed their documentation will be able to finalize the necessary paperwork for their passport or citizenship at their appointment. This will enable us to provide the Italian Consul’s office with a list of those who request an appointment.

For additional information please contact one of the following:                                         

                                          Rio or Marianne Vitale – 314.846.5802

                                          Vincenzo DiPiazza – 314.707.2429

                                          Chris Stephens – 314.308.0113

                                          Angelo Sita – 314.781.9341    


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