“Pinocchio” Coming to Metro East

By: Annette M. Graebe

 Remember the charming story of Geppetto, an Italian woodcarver who carves a son out of a block of pine?  The wooden marionette is brought to life and discovers that to be truly human is to be kind and brave.  On Wed., July 5th (1:00 p.m.), this wonderful story will be depicted by the Hampstead Stage Company as part of the children’s summer reading program at the Louis Latzer Memorial Public Library, 1001 9th Street, Highland, IL.  The event is free and open to the public so children of all ages can enjoy this classic tale.  (Available to children 3 and up).  No tickets needed.  For more information, call (618) 654-5066.  The show is also being presented Thurs., July 6th (1:00 p.m.) at Freeburg Area Library, 407 S. Belleville Street, Freeburg, IL.  Seating may be limited.  For Freeburg information, call (618) 539-5454.

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