Pictures from the solar eclipse St Louis MO 2017

Pictures by Merry Duan

My thoughts on the the eclipse today, by Rio Vitale

I was able to watch the eclipse today from my home is South St Louis County.  I enjoyed watching from my back yard pool floating face up drinking a margarita. I was surprised how light it was until reaching totality.  As the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and the sun was almost covered, birds and crickets began to make noise.  Looking through the dark glasses I could see the moon take over the sun.  Then totality happened,  our dusk to dawn light came on and the glow around the sun was amazing.  It was the fastest two minutes of a life time.  I did not expect to be so astonished. What a wonderful thing to experience. Enjoy the pictures below.  My personal favorite is the Diamond Ring when totality ends.


diamond ring
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