Pasta on Pizza?

Roger Moroney: English clearly not learning Italian

By Roger Moroney

12:01 PM Tuesday Apr 18, 2017

Prime Minister Bill English came under global attack recently – his face being shown across American television screens and words of critique and “please explain” being issued during the verbals.

Mr English made the news … in America.


For an “issue” the host of the television show described as serious enough to create an international incident … albeit an incident which would likely be fought with pots and pans.

The pizza Mr English had described during an on-line posting (why he was posting tales from his kitchen is anyone’s guess) caught the attention, and cynical ire of a chap by the name of Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel has a TV show which veers toward the irreverent (given some of the lingo he rolls out).

After the PM had posted the relatively innocuous photo of the meal he threw together for his kids on Twitter the airwaves and audioways began to hum.

Now I wasn’t surprised as when a country’s leader posts something on Twitter (check out some of Mr Trump’s bewildering posts) then people tend to sit up and take notes, and then post notes – reactions and responses which are, 99.9 per cent of the time, highly critical of course.

Now if Bill the kids’ chef had posted something about maybe considering raising the tax on beer or getting the All Blacks to put a big blue stripe down one side of their strip then one could understand the emergence of public disdain.

A close-up of what foreign media outlets saw as our Prime Minister's crime against pizza. Photo/Facebook
A close-up of what foreign media outlets saw as our Prime Minister’s crime against pizza. Photo/Facebook

But this global “disaster” on a plate was pretty much a throwaway post … the sort which would fly under everyone’s radar were it not for the fact it was posted by Prime Minister Bill (pass the tomato sauce) English.

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