Lezione del 30 luglio 2017

Lezione del 30 luglio 2017

Vocabolario e Cultura del caffè

Bar: cafe

caffè: coffee (= espresso)

Espresso: (expressed) concentrated. Usually 1.5 ounces

Caffellatte: mostly milk with espresso. Common at breakfast in home

Cappuccino (cappuccio in Lombardy): steamed, frothy milk with espresso

Macchiato: espresso with a bit of milk/froth

Marocchino: espresso with milk and chocolate

Ristretto: (restricted) concentrated, dense espresso…less than an ounce.

Lungo: (long) more diluted, machine left on longer

Corretto: (corrected) espresso with brandy or grappa

Caffettiera: stovetop espresso maker

Macchinetta: pump operated espresso maker, like in a bar. Dense “crema” on espresso.

Mi farebbe un bel caffè? : Would you make me a nice coffee?

Offro io! : it’s on me!

Remember: order what you want, but Italians don’t drink cappuccino after about10:30 am.

Bar: price higher if you sit. In most bars, if you order at bar, don’t then go sit.

Busy bars, pay first at cashier and take receipt to barista.

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