Italian vote abroad, “we want to vote but the cards do not arrive”

Delay in the delivery of ballot papers, worried compatriots: “We want to vote”. In Toronto, one in two Italians did not receive an electoral package at home. Reports from the entire North and Central America distribution

Elections closer and closer, while many Italians in the world are already voting. Many others, however, have not yet received the cards at home. From Toronto, a well-informed source tells ItaliaChiamaItalia that ” at least half of the voters have not yet received the electoral envelope”.

Many are those who, to date, have not yet received the material to exercise their right-duty to vote. Reports in this sense come to us from the US, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic : they are compatriots who are afraid of not being able to vote and who ask us to help them in some way.

“We want to vote, but what if we do not get the cards?” A lady from the north of Mexico is unleashed.

In Panama, the Embassy announced that the mailing operation has ended, those who have not received it are asked to go to the embassy to pick up their own. Otherwise, no vote.

In the Dominican Republic the Embassy said that the distribution will last until Wednesday 21st, but many are already contacting the company Ups to agree on delivery of the package.

The electoral mechanism with which Italians vote in the world, is not a mystery, makes water on all sides. Even Matteo Salvini, the Northern League leader, is worried, given that – he says – “for the first time abroad we are present everywhere”, and then adds: ” we hope that the consulates do their job as they have not done in the past” .

Dependent only by the consulates, the difficulties would be minor. The trouble is that the system does not work or works badly. Even in this election bounce on the web news of ballots delivered to deceased persons, something that is repeated every time you vote abroad and that perhaps for this reason no longer makes news.

In any case there is still time to receive the package at home, the suggestion – if you have not yet done so – is to immediately contact your consulate reference or the company that deals with home delivery. Do not give up your vote.

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