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New exhibition at the National Gallery of Art to celebrate three generations of the Italian family of sculptors experts della Robbia and their contemporaries

Washington DC, February 6, 2017 – The National Gallery of Art was inaugurated on February 5th a new exhibition celebrating three generations of the Italian family of sculptors experts della Robbia and their contemporaries. Continuous research by Luca della Robbia (1399 / 1400-1482) profuse in materials, in addition to traditional marble and bronze, led him to invent a new technique that allowed his works to survive through the centuries completely unscathed. It is the terracotta glazing, thanks to which a “poor” material such as clay can create works of bright and durable color over time.

“As an Italian I am proud of the fact that it is an exhibition dedicated to the works of della Robbia and his contemporaries, because what brings them to the attention of the American public,” said the Italian Ambassador in Washington DC, concluding that ” ingenuity, creativity and ability to innovate are the characteristics of these artists, and perfectly reflect some of the distinctive qualities of the Italians. ”

Lovers of Renaissance art on a visit to Italy from America have always had a soft spot for the works of della Robbia and have purchased several years. For this reason most of the works in the exhibition come from American private collections.

Of note The Visitation , usually exhibited in the church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas in Pistoia. This work, along with three sculptures from the Bargello Museum, and another coming from the Oratory of St. Thomas Aquinas, is visible for the first time outside of Italian borders.

The exhibition was organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in association with the National Gallery of Art in Washington and with the support of the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC. The exhibition in Washington is made possible by Altria Group on behalf of Ste.Michelle Wine Estates and Marchesi Antinori SpA A considerable support also comes from Sally Engelhard Pingree and The Charles Engelhard Foundation, and Buffy and William Cafritz Family Foundation. Additional funding comes from the Exhibition Circle of the National Gallery of Art.

The family Marchesi Antinori has also supported the preservation of the Resurrection of Christ, allowing the work to be lent for the first time since it was donated to the Brooklyn Museum in 1898.  The Friends of Florence supported the preservation of the Madonna and Child of Luca della Robbia, on loan for the first time by the Oratory of St. Thomas Aquinas in Florence.








The Visitation, c. 1445

glazed earthenware

San Giovanni Fuoricivitas, Pistoia


The exhibition will be open to the public until June 4, 2017.


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