Italian Club of St Louis, May 17th 2017 Program Preview


About the Presenter

Dr. Bruce Carvell holds a Ph.D. in Historical Performance Practice from Washington University.  He has taught music history and literature courses at Washington University and the St. Louis Conservatory of Music.  He is the former director of the Washington University Collegium Musicum.  He currently is Artistic Director of The Collegium Vocale of St. Louis and sings tenor with the choir of The First Congregational Church is the Cantor at the Old Cathedral in downtown St. Louis.
About the Program
Dr. Carvell will speak on the Music for Rome from a historical viewpoint and will have excerpts of music from Rome that has been considered some of the best in the world.  In his words…
“[Our] program offers a cross section of the kinds of music that would have been heard in Rome in the early 18th century.  This music went on to be the standard for more modern Church music as well as for some more popular pieces.  As was usual in Rome some of the musicians went on to be colorful individuals such as Stradella who had been part of a scheme to embezzle money from the Catholic Church!  Other musicians at the time were forbidden to write or perform secular music by the Church so they began composing what became known as “sacred operas”.  This early music, then, reflected the true Italian personality and character, worldly and religious at the same time.”
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