Italian Class for Children: Learning Italian while playing at St Ambrose

Imparare L’italiano Giocando


Ciao St Louis is beginning a new initiative called: Imparare L’italiano Giocando (Learning Italian while playing). Thanks to @Giovanna Leopardi and @Stefania Parravicini who will be leading the classes and who are excited to begin!

The next date is Saturday, November 4th at St Ambrose School on the Hill. The classes cost only $5 and are for kids 10 years of age and under! The objective is so that kids can grow up in an Italian speaking environment and also for parents and grandparents to meet each other and speaking Italian among each other as well.

Giovanna Leopardi will be leading this effort. If you have specific questions, please contact her directly: 314-566-3873.

The activities for now will be held every First Saturday of each month. That of course can change as we get more interest.

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