Italian American’s who gave the supreme sacrifice during WWII


“The Crusader Clairon”, a monthly paper during the war especially designed for and about the Hill’s members in the Service was sponsored by the Crusader Club and support by generous friends was sent free of charge to as many of those in the Serivce as possible.  More than 1100 men from the Hill served in World War II.



The Hill is particulary proud of its members in the Service during World War II.  These individiuals had answed the call to defend our nation with courageous and generous hearts.  They had gone gladly and we remember each one’s name enshrined in the Chruch. The 23 who gave their lives are remembered on a plaque which hangs in the vestibues of St. Ambrose Church. Courtesy of St. Ambrose Chruch


The commemorative booklet distributed at St. Ambrose on the day that the bronze plaque in the church vestiblue was dedicated.   Next time you are at St. Ambrose Church you will find a copy under the plaque at the church entrance.

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