Guidelines for Articles Submitted by Students of the Italian Language

Ciao St Louis would like to announce a new initiative in support of students of the Italian language in the Saint Louis metropolitan region. Articles written in accordance with the requirements below will be published in the Ciao St Louis online magazine and on Ciao St Louis social media sites. A monetary stipend will be given to the student for each article.

1) The student of the Italian language must reside and study in the St. Louis metropolitan region.
2) The student must participate in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program, either full time or part time.
3) The student may major or minor in the Italian language.
4) The article must be at least 500 words but no more than 1500 words.
5) The article must be written in the standard Italian language and can be written about (but not limited to) the following subjects: art, culture, food, architecture, history, music, literature,
cinema, economics, theology, philosophy, psychology, sport.
6) The article must be proofread by a professor or native speaker of the Italian language.
7) Pictures related to the article are acceptable.
8) When all the above requirements are fulfilled, the student will receive $50.00 per article.
One of the missions of Ciao St Louis is to promote and preserve Italian culture and heritage by reporting in Italian. It is our hope that this initiative will support local Italian language programs.

Michael J Cross
Vice-President, Ciao St Louis
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