Gateway Cup and Giro Della Montagna

by Annette M. Graebe

This event always reminds me of our days in the Veneto – as we share space with cycling clubs on the switchbacks up the mountain.  Sometimes they’re in front, sometimes behind us – and SOMETIMES we’re precariously side by side!  The St. Louis Gateway Cup (Sept. 1 – Labor Day, Sept. 4 ) is the largest competitive cycling event in the Midwest.  It’s now one of the top racing series in the U.S.  In St. Louis, It’s held 4 separate days in 4 St. Louis neighborhoods — Friday: Lafayette Square, Saturday: Francis Park, Sunday: The Hill, and Monday:  Benton Park.  The Hill race (Sun., Sept. 3) is called Giro Della Montagna, and it’s exciting to watch.  Starting line is at St. Ambrose Church (5130 Wilson Avenue).  More Gateway Cup information at


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