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Buona domenica a tutti. What a beautiful Sunday it is in St. Louis. Don't miss today's program.
Raccomando a tutti oggi da 1 - 3 ascoltate il programma “Ciao St. Louis”. Good morning. Don’t forget to tune in today from 1-3 for the Ciao St Louis program. Music, fun e notizie della nostra comunità!!!! (News about our Italian community)

Always La Musica della nostra Gioventu, the Rap Pack and la lezione del giorno.

Ascoltate/listen online at Ciaostl.com (https://ciaostl.com/) , TuneIn (https://tunein.com/radio/Ciao-USA-Radio-Italia-s305268/) and on our new app CiaoSTL from iTunes and the google play store. Vi aspettiamo.
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One year ago Ciao St Louis: Una Serata
Ciao St Louis still coming with more events like Italian Heritage Night at Busch Stadium, Ferragosto, and Carnevale.
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Today we interviewed Keith Ballentine for the upcoming documentary on The Hill
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Saint Louis

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