Don Marlo’s Youth Bocce League Begins Jan 7, 2019 Register Now

Don Marlo’s Youth Bocce League
Sundays 12:00 & 1:00/ Starting January 7, 2019
8 Weeks
Italia-America Bocce Club
Rules of the Club: (1 form per team)
Please help keep the club clean

  •  No running on the courts or in club
  •  No children at the Bar
  •  No Food or Drink on or over courts
  •  The parents will acknowledge that the Italia-America Bocce Club is not responsible for any injury during the league.
  •  The teams captains will help facilitate the rules of the Bocce game and rules of the club.
  •  Signing the form acknowledges that you have read and understand the rules.

Click on the image below print and complete form.



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