Club Italiano Per Piacere Event a Success at Cielo Ristorante

by – Michael J Cross

Over 60 Italian speakers joined Executive Chef Gian Nicola Colucci at Cielo Ristorante at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown St Louis. Italiano Per Piacere is the only club in St Louis dedicated to preserving and promoting the Italian language. Members must speak or be able to converse in Italian in order to join. Saturday night brought together people from all over Italy and South America who live in the St Louis metropolitan region. Among the guests were professors, archaeologists, engineers, business owners, financial advisors, and many other professionals who work and live in St Louis. Cavaliere Franco Giannotti, President of Italiano Per Piacere, was pleased with the turnout.

Many of those who came to the event have arrived as little as three months ago directly from Italy. Many have been here only two or three years and are looking for fellow Italians to make connections and friendships. While St Louis boasts a large Italian-American population, the community of Italians is not so large but has grown steadily in recent years as many Italians have come to Washington University or St Louis University to study or work. There are quite a few companies in the metropolitan region which employ Italians as well.

Club Italiano Per Piacere serves as a home-base for Italians away from home. The club also provides the perfect opportunity to practice Italian. One does not necessarily have to be fluent but at least able to carry on a decent conversation.

Reporting from Downtown St Louis, this is Michael Cross with Ciao St Louis.

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