Bingo, the play of the Italian tradition

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Bingo is a game similar to the Italian lotto: it was born for this, to make the gamblers live an almost familiar atmosphere.

Control of the game is reserved to the state, which has been exercising it, since 2000, through the State Monopolies.

They entrust the use of gambling to private individuals, who make the necessary investments and the appropriate business tools. So they come up with real “Bingo halls”.

The first Italian “Bingo Room” was opened in November 2017 in Treviso: nowadays it counts more than 200 throughout the nation. Bingo, therefore, as the racket, is based on the extraction of ninety numbers that the audience in the hall marks on the folders for sale at the entrance to the room. Each folder contains fifteen random numbers: they are on three rows of five numbers each.

As numbers are extracted, you have to check if they are present among those in your card: the main win goes to the first “Bingo” scream, which brings home the biggest prize, but also wins the first one to make one, One quarter, one quarter and one in the same row.

What’s important in this game is just the announcement of the combination: this is only for the cinquina and the bingo. In the event the bettor does not indicate his achievement, he is not entitled to the prize; Otherwise the payout will be paid immediately. Payment can be in cash or, in the case of winnings over € 500, by check.

There are also other parallel prizes: “superbingo” (assigned to each player by completing his own folder within the first forty extra numbers); “Gold bingo”, “silver bingo” and “bronze bingo”, assigned on special occasions by the dealer to whom Bingo makes the 43th, 46th and 55th numbers respectively.

Nowadays, you can also play bingo on the internet on one of the online bingo sites in Italy that offer you the chance to have fun playing home and in full respect of the security of Italian law.

Bingo in Italy?

The gaming offer in Italy grows year after year, yet bingo maintains its solid and historic slice of aficionados. The motive is rooted in Italian culture, of which bingo has been part of for quite some time, being said to be very similar to another very popular game in our country, the raffle.

In addition, bingo is such a hobby that is suitable for all types of players. There is no need to be a gambling expert to play bingo: just listen to the listener who extracts the numbers and be ready to mark them on your own folder, snapping with speed when you are able to complete a winning combination.

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