Ciao St Louis Carnevale – Short Film

Carnevale 2018 #CiaoStLouis. Enjoy this small sample of our grand masquerade ball. Post some of your photos too. #ciaostlouis. We’d love to see them.

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Borgognoni Represents the U of A at National Italian American Gala

Brooke Borgognoni

Photo SubmittedBrooke Borgognoni

Brooke Borgognoni, a journalism major with a concentration in advertising and public relations in the School of Journalism and Strategic Media in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, was selected to represent the University of Arkansas at the National Italian American Foundation’s 42nd Anniversary Gala in Washington, D.C.

Borgognoni was one of 10 Italian-American student leaders selected to attend a celebration of culture, education and pride.

“I got the chance to meet other Italian-Americans who are already in the professional field. I was given the opportunity to engage in intriguing conversations with them about culture and their current professions,” Borgognoni said. “I met people who created Italian-American podcasts and hosted their own cooking shows.”

The gala enabled Borgognoni to also learn innovative strategies for promoting the Italian-American culture at the University of Arkansas.

“The culture is so important to Arkansas. In fact, Tontitown was founded by Italian Americans,” she added.

Borgognoni spent some of her time at the gala conversing with other students from various universities about their efforts in promoting Italian-American culture on their campuses.

“I was able to connect with people who have the same passion that I have for the culture,” she added. “I even met with board members from the foundation to discuss plans that I have for promoting Italian-American culture on my campus.”

She plans to host two events at the U of A based on Italian-American culture and one in the local community of Arkansas. The events will be funded by NIAF.

According to Borgognoni, her desire to learn more about Italian culture was fueled after in-depth conversations with her parents and grandparents about their heritage. She said she feels that learning things about where you are from is important to where you are going.

“Studying a second language could benefit anyone,” she said. “I encourage other students to look beyond where they are and try to embrace multiple cultures. It is nearly impossible to visit any city in Northwest Arkansas without meeting people who are from other countries or who speak multiple languages.”

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italytime presents a New Play by Dacia Maraini, Silvia Calamai and Paolo Tartamella

italytime presents a New Play by Dacia Maraini, Silvia Calamai and Paolo Tartamellaitalytime Italian Cultural Center is coming out with their first play of the season Three Eyes on Pinocchio, directed by Vittorio Capotorto to be performed at Our Lady of Pompeii Theater, 25/B Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014.

As the American Culture grew up with hero’s such as Spiderman and Batman, italytime chose to tell the story of Pinocchio to introduce an Italian hero that showcased the Italian Culture and fairytales we grew up with. The play is based on three chapters of the original story written by Collodi and published in 1880. The author Dacia Maraini, one of the most popular Italian living novelists, asked a college professor and a journalist to offer their takes on two episodes, Pinocchio Meets the Fox and the Cat & Pinocchio in Playland, while she wrote the main one, Pinocchio rescued by The Fairy. This is how Three Eyes on Pinocchio was born.

Performances will be held March 2-3-8-9-10 at 8pm.

Tickets can be found at

Vittorio asked me if I wanted to write one third of a show inspired on Pinocchio. Why one third? And very gently he answered that he already had an author who has been collaborating with him for years and that he had written a part of a text about Pinocchio. Now he needs two more parts of the story and, besides wanting me to write this one third of it, he also wants me to find him another playwright to complete the threesome. It was an interesting project with an unusual and charming quality to it. I read Paolo Tartamella’s part and I thought it could work. I asked Stefano Massini if he wanted to participate in this curious trio, but he answered that he did not have the time. So then I asked Silvia Calamai, with whom I had worked years ago in the theater of women outside of Florence, with Cristina Ghelli. Her response was positive, even though she is no longer involved in theatre because of her responsibilities teaching at the university and raising her daughter. I encouraged her to write again and I am very happy to have done so because her part in Pinocchio is beautiful and funny, with a perfect rhythm. – Dacia Maraini

An eye on Pinocchio? But what does it exactly mean, an eye on a text that followed me and my childhood and which flows me right now when I tell my children about Pinocchio? Dacia chose the right section for me, the eye which is the most suitable for me: The Cat and the Fox. Therefore, an eye on Pinocchio means, for me, imaging two playful and funny creatures who have fun in playing (and playing theatre too). – Silvia Calamai

I was the lucky one. When I was assigned the chapter of “Pinocchio in Playland,” I realized I had five months of freedom. Collodi sent Lucignolo and Pinocchio to Playland, to resume the story five months later when the two became little donkeys. Without compromising the integrity of the original plot, I was free to decide what they could have done for five months, a freedom the other two authors did not have. – Paolo Tartamella

italytime Cultural Center: is the first permanent Italian Cultural Center in NYC. An international non-profit platform Co Founded by Vittorio Capotorto and Francesco Pagano, which launched in December of 2013, with the endorsement of the critically acclaimed Dacia Maraini. The italytime team has brought to New York unique theater productions, featuring new artists and original artistic work, as well as helped New York and New Jersey Schools to enrich their programs with interactive theater workshops. The uniqueness of italytime is placing fresh and innovative artistic work at the center of new theater and education experiences in order to create a community of lovers of the arts and, therefore, of builders of a more engaged and resilient society. italytime is inspired by the Italian arts & culture, but it’s meant to be an open platform for theater lovers of all ages, background and nationalities.

Cast & Crew David Donahoe, Melissa Whitehouse, Mimi Perez, Fenton LiAlexander Black, Corina Coten, Dominick Gonzalez, Nicole Vukov, Loretta De Simone, Francesca IIluzzi, Maureen Gonzalez, Carl Tallent, Dan Jobbins

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