Piazza Imo

Piazza  Imo ⚜ The Hill Piazza

A piazza for the Hill, once only a vision and a dream of a group of civic minded St. Louisans, is now a step closer to becoming reality. Thanks to a major donation by Marge and Ed Imo, of Imo’s Pizza fame,
the group formed a committee, applied for a 501c3 and purchased the large lot directly across from St. Ambrose Church.The piazza will be named the Piazza d’ Imo in gratitude for the Imo family’s generosity. The committee consists of Joe Ambrose, First Bank; Monsignor Vince Bommarito, pastor of St. Ambrose; Thomas Caradonna, partner in Lewis Rice Law firm; William Frisella, President of METRO Electric/Lighting; Chris Pagano, Pagano Development; Joe Pisciotto, Independent Advisor; Phil Torissi, Torissi Plumbing; and Eddie Tummania, HTE Technologies.All throughout Italy you’ll find the beauty of piazzas adjoining churches, villages and even government buildings. They are a place to congregate, to meet, for conversation and to relax and visit. They often house beautiful fountains and gardens. They most often become attractions for local residents and tourists alike and most importantly stabilize the neighborhoods in which they are located. Piazza d’ Imo will
do all the same.The design of the piazza was created through the vision and work of Tony Frisella, Jr. of Frisella Nursery. Its central fountain will be the focus of the piazza and its green space and gardens will add a natural setting to an otherwise urban area. It will include a large area for congregating and benches and chairs to relax, play chess and checkers and for friends, families and tourists to meet. There will be a major grotto dedicated to the Virgin Mary.The piazza will be utilized by students of St. Ambrose school in their education, too. Through a partnership with the Missouri Botanical Garden students will learn about plants, plant life, multicellular land
plants, funghi and plant reproduction. It will also be a popular location for field trip visits from students throughout the St. Louis area to learn more about Italian culture and life.The piazza still needs funding and the committee is encouraging all of St. Louis to help by making contributions, large and small, to bring the piazza to fruition. At this point the funding is at about half of what is needed to complete construction so your generosity is much needed. Attached you will find a Go-Fund-Me link. Your tax deductible donation will be much appreciated and will make you “a friend of the piazza” (note: the 501c3 has been applied for and the group is waiting for final approval soon. Your donation is deductible now but if for any reason the 501c3 does not get approved it would simply need to be reversed).


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