Volpi Salami Pinewood Derby Car Wins Award for Most Original Design






This is not a Volpi Salami. This is the Pinewood Derby Car created by Gino Stephens the son of Chris and Amy Stephens. He has won a number of awards for his designs in the past, but I would say this is his best. This year he won “Most Original” Troop 360 and my award for best tasting.  His sister Teresa showed him how to sponge paint in order to duplicate the looks of the salami. This is a family that loves their Italian Heritage.  Gino said each year he uses this opportunity to offer a tribute to the things he really enjoys.  In the past he has designed  a Converse Tennis Shoe and a Skateboard for which he also won awards.

Amy Stephens said,  “All his work – his dad helps him with the wheels and any stuff he doesn’t know how to do – but the filing down, paint job, decor, wheel sanding, all him – – Gino is pretty handy on his own”










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