TV Pick for Ciao Stl Readers: Gomorrah Series Season 1 on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Gomorrah is the inside story of fierce Neapolitan crime organisation the Camorra, as seen through the eyes of Ciro (Marco D’Amore), the obedient and self-confident right-hand man of the clan’s godfather whose loyalty is tested to its limits.






1. Episode 1

Ciro is a promising young foot-soldier on the rise under Camorra clan leader Pietro Savastano. He is sent to deliver a clear message to a rival boss, but the ambush stirs up a bloody turf war. However, Savastano is satisfied he’s come out on top. Meanwhile, Genny, Pietro’s only son and heir, provokes the wrath of another local boss.

2. Episode 2

The authorities discover and seize a shipment of cocaine belonging to Pietro Savastano hidden in a larger shipment of canned goods. The boss is furious, he wants to find out which of his men tipped them off, but is preoccupied with settling the feud Genny has sparked.

3. Episode 3

Ciro is given an opportunity to climb the clan ladder. He meets with the financial advisor who launders money for the clan and brings along the immature Genny, but his actions only show he isn’t yet ready to lead.

4. Episode 4

A Nigerian crack-dealing gang attempt to leverage their trading terms with the clan. The situation is unsustainable and Lady Imma, the tough boss’s wife, thinks Pietro should be more concerned, but he has bigger fish to fry.

5. Episode 5

Franco Musi, the Savastano’s financial advisor, invests money in a business venture without telling Pietro, thinking the boss would never find out. He must, however, answer to the cunning Imma.

6. Episode 6

Imma sends Ciro on a dangerous mission and decides it is finally time to give Genny a lesson in what it takes to become a clan leader. Imma assures him that he will soon start earning respect like that of his father.

7. Episode 7

Imma gathers the colonels of the family, and explains the new strategy to keep firmly in control of the entire drug market, despite pressures and mistrust from those within the operation.

8. Episode 8

A hardened Genny seizes a political opportunity to enable the clan to manage their business undisturbed. Now much surer of himself, the young Savastano continues restructuring the affairs of the family while Ciro, relegated once again to the role of foot soldier, looks on.

9. Episode 9

Genny has become a true leader, completely shedding the image of the impulsive, spoiled brat he once was. Meanwhile Ciro, increasingly frustrated and impatient, takes steps to regain his own power.

10. Episode 10

An old enemy is provoked into action and mistrust spreads once again. Genny must deal with the fallout and deal with the impending threat to the Savastano’s reign.

11. Episode 11

There’s an air of discontent within the Savastano organization, with the colonels resenting the new recruits Genny has brought in. Imma, fearing the Savastano family appears weakened by conflict, pleads with Genny, urging him to take control of the situation.

12. Episode 12

There is all-out war within the Savastano clan; stopping for neither the living nor the dead. Trust has all but gone and the Savastanos learn that, in Naples, blood is thicker than water.

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