The Sansone Group, Alderman Vollmer, Hill 2000 and the Hill Residents by Rio Vitale

During the past few months, the residents on the Hill have been given numerous opportunities to let their concerns both pros and cons be heard.  There have been a number of votes, surveys, emails, text messages, door hangers, notes in the church bulletin, and circulation of a petition.  One thing that all of these have in common is that no one can agree on the legitimacy of any of these.  The confidence level of any real consensus has been destroyed by opposing positions and there certainly is strong feelings from both side.

Regardless of resident’s opinions or Hill 2000 recommendations, there is only one-person’s opinion that matters.  There is only one-person that has the authority to give his recommendation to the Board of Alderman.  Alderman Vollmer has been elected by the people of the ward and it is responsible for these decisions. His positioning of neutrality seems to be strange after holding a special meeting with Monsignor Bommarito and the Sansone Group in which the number of units was agreed upon.

I was pleased to hear that Alderman Vollmer will recommend to the Board of Alderman, the approval of this project.  He is responsible for the decision and if it is successful as planned by the Sansone group, then he is a hero.  If it fails, then he faces all the blame.  It is his decision despite what anyone believe is the best course of action.  I personally believe he made a good decision.  Best of luck to The Hill, Sansone Group and Alderman Vollmer.


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