St Ambrose 25th Anniversary Trivia Night – Tom Cissi

St Ambrose Trivia Night 25th Anniversary – Jan 28, 2017







From those who started it 25 years ago with 20 tables in the St. Ambrose cafeteria. To where we are today, with 108 tables filling both our cafeteria and gym. To our chairpersons Michelle and Steve Feltz and their committee. The too-numerous to mention volunteers who help set up and work the event. The many individuals and businesses who donate and sponsor. To those who come to partake in the evening and buy raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets. And finally to those who help at the end to break down in record time. One thing rings true over and over: It’s the people. The wonderful, generous and caring people who make it all possible. Thank you all… we truly appreciate everything each one of you do. God bless!

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