Sicilian Cultural Association of Saint Louis

The Sicilian Cultural Association of St. Louis held their inaugural meeting in April 1993. Our accomplishments include: honoring of internationally-known dignitaries from Sicily, holding an annual Carnevale festival that attracts over 300 guests. We are proud to be the only Italian organization with a youth association that brings hope for the perpetuation of our traditions.    Our primary purpose is the preservation and promotion of our Sicilian and Italian culture. We encourage knowledge in every facet of our Sicilian, Italian and Italian American heritage, both historical and contemporary.

The club meets monthly and the next meeting is January 12 and then every second Thursday of the month after that. For more information contact John Mandala at

Location for next meeting is Olando’s at 7:00 pm Located at 4300 Hoffmeister Avenue, just off Highway 55 at Union Rd. Our South County location is just 10 minutes from downtown.

John Manda and his wife Giovanna attending the FIAO Christmas Party on December 16th, 2016 at Rose of the Hill


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