Saint Louis will have a new Soccer team in town

Saint Louis Club Atletico is born.  The new hometown team will provide more opportunities for local soccer players to develop their skills with the purpose of turning professional.  The team will be started with local top talent within local leagues around town.  The rest of the roster will include college age players from across the country searching for an opportunity to stay at the top of their game during the summer.

Saint Louis Club Atletico started with a South American soccer academy in Bolivia and has grown into a solid foundation to develop players.  Santa Cruz Juniors Soccer Academy was formed to give local players there an opportunity to go to high school and college in St. Louis.  Over the last four years, 46 players gave been placed here locally from Santa Cruz.

Atletico Juniors evolved from SCJSA and now has a third division team representing the academy.

Recently, three academy players were signed with Deportivo Espanol in Argentina after attending a College ID Program camp.  Universidad de Chile and FC Dallas were the other two professional clubs to attend the camp.

Saint Louis Club Atletico will continue to provide camps for Santa Cruz but soon will offer a chance for American teams to attend the international camp and tournaments.  Owner and Head Coach of STL-ATLETI speaks about the new exciting opportunity,

 “I grew up in South City and played locally my whole life.  To look back on myself as a young developing player and to imagine I could have gone abroad for a week or two and played against South American players would have been amazing.  Now players here locally can.  I have been going to Bolivia each year since 2013 and fell in love with the city.  The soccer and there is untapped and the talent pool is great. I would consistently bring two players into our college program and every one brought value to the team on and off the field.  If we can connect our Saint Louis area players with South America we are going in the right direction for a professional path.  Our path is not traditional by any means, the road for these players might not run through the top college division like the normal MLS system is built on.

We can provide another road to the same destination and increase the opportunities and give everyone a chance.  Stay tuned to more news about what our plans are and come support our mission because it is being built for you, you just don’t realize it yet.

We are not in any way a competition for professional clubs near us, we are simply an enhancement and another pool of talent professional clubs can tap into.  We are here to help US Soccer development and especially Saint Louis soccer.”-Ricardo Garza

Saint Louis Club Atletico is clear in the mission of the team and the direction they will continue to follow.


Look Soon for information on sponsoring The Hill Community Team

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