My Big Fat Italian Wedding at River City Casino – by Lynn-Dale Biondo

You’ve all heard of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”…well yesterday and last night my husband Scott Biondi and I had the honor of attending the biggest, most amazing Italian wedding of our lives…and it was amazing from start to finish! Special thanks to our dear cousins and friends…Rio and Marianna Vitale…for the invitation to the marriage of their beautiful daughter, Marissa Vitale to Robert Fraraccio. There were a total of 24 attendants, 10 Bridesmaids and 10 Groomsmen, along with 2 Maids of Honor and 2 Best Men! The Bridesmaids dresses and Maid of Honors dresses were gorgeous (as were all the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honors) and the Bride, Marissa, was stunningly beautiful! The Groom, Rob, and all of his Groomsmen and Best Men looked magnificently handsome! It truly was like a “Royal Wedding”…very traditional, elegant, beautiful and holy!!! The food at the reception was delicious and most of us, Bride and Groom included, danced our feet off! Many of us stayed in the River City Hotel and there was a fabulous brunch this morning for all who stayed at the hotel!  River City has nominated this wedding as their wedding of the year for their venue and pictures will be published in their trade magazines. The 2 pictures show how long the head table (seating 26) was…couldn’t even get all of the attendants in one picture!  Love and God’s Blessings Always to Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Fraraccio!

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